I Suck at Dating, and (possibly) Blow-jobs

A typical Friday night.

“OK! We're going to talk about blow-jobs,” Vera said. She addressed us standing up, with a display of lube and erotic art behind her, a television at her left side. Vera was a small set, middle-aged woman, with long brown hair and blue sparkles for eyes. She seemed perfectly … [Read more...]

I was an Online Dating and Social Media n00b Part 3: Becoming an Older (and Wiser) Fool

I made a bunch of stuff recently. A leather mask, a tote bag, and an antler-skull necklace.

Happy New Year Everyone! It was a crisp day in later October when I realized that Kris had “unfriended” me on Facebook. Since joining the site, this was the first time that I had ever been (knowingly) unfriended. In one last moment of emotional drama, I called Nick in a … [Read more...]

I was a Social Media and Online Dating n00b Part 2: My Trip To Dumpsville

Does this outfit make me look like a hipster?

“You are a fucking hipster.” Since we started seeing each other, I had known that the Kris-and-me thing was unsustainable. I just didn't know that it would end so soon. It was the first day of September, which had arrived with a bang and I had been unprepared. In a normal … [Read more...]

I was a Social Media and Online-Dating n00b Part 1: Tinder Made Me Do It

I'm back, finally. After a ~six month hiatus, I am sheepishly rededicating myself to this blog. Where was I all this time? As usual, I was making a fool out of myself. No surprise there. Since moving back to Vancouver in June, it's been difficult to find my way. In … [Read more...]